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Vertical Air Pressure Technology

VAP is a unique technology developed by Changeui Medical that controls and channels the expansion of air via vertical inflatable columns.

The air pressure created by the VAP technology vertically inflates the air columns inside the belt.

Reinforcing Muscular Strengthening System

The RMS system is an innovative medical technology unique to Changeui Medical that is pushing the limits of ordinary traction devices, which tend to weaken the back muscles of patients when worn for long periods of time.

RMS is a rehabilitation system designed to strengthen back muscles through the use of air columns that stimulate the muscles via a tension and release action that activates whenever the Disk Dr. provides traction, thereby

Leverage Traction System

The LTS System not only provides support for but separates the knee joint, reducing the load on the knee.

The separation of the knee joint and consequent reduction in the compressive stress caused by body weight facilitates effective rehabilitation.

Cervical Alignment and Traction System

When patients wear the inflated Disk Dr., the Airtouch System provides secure, customized cervical traction by creating columns of air along the cervical vertebrae and distributing air pressure evenly.

The columns are inflated to fill the empty space between the neck and the belt, allowing the device to maintain a close fit along the curve of the neck.

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