Brand Story

Disk Dr. Medical is a Company that Values Trust and Integrity

Products made with care and concern

A man, an urban planner who had retired a few years earlier, was heartbroken because his once athletic and outgoing wife had been suffering from spinal disc herniation for several years. She had received physical therapy treatment at an orthopedic clinic three to four times a week, but the benefits were temporary, and she was in pain again a few days later. She was even showing symptoms of mild depression due to the chronic back pain. For a long time, there was nothing he could do but sympathize with her. However, one day, while his wife was in great pain, he had an idea.

Is there any way she could receive physical therapy every day at home?

This idea eventually led to the creation of Disk Dr. Medical, a medical equipment supplier that manufactures and supplies the Disk Dr. portable spinal traction devices. Having begun with that mans desire to quickly ease his wifes pain, Disk Dr. Medical now manufactures and exports the Disk Dr. line of products to 32 nations around the world.

As Disk Dr. was born out of a husbands love for his wife, we care about our customers as if they were our own family. And we hope that our products show how much we care about our customers and their struggles with chronic spinal diseases. We also hope that the awareness of our love and concern helps ease our customers pain.